Last Issue of Home Power Magazine after 31 years

Before the Internet was around, if someone was interested in Renewable Energy they would get a Home Power magazine issue, or a box of issues from a neighbor, friend, or local library. We even bought a subscription for our dentist to place alongside all the boring magazines. You could buy used solar electric panels in the classified section in the back of every issue, or call toll free numbers of a few vendors to glean information on new products. We ripped out a page from the black and white newsprint issue #4 or #5 that gave a graph of battery State of Charge (SoC) based on PV charge rate vs battery Voltage and pinned it up on the wall. We have reprinted many articles for our classes over the years from the archive of well thought out and edited issues.

As the “go to” place for articles about renewable energy and the worldwide community surrounding them, we are sad to see this last issue of Home Power. We were chosen as one of six renewable energy not for profit organizations to be highlighted in issue #188. We are honored to be included in this last issue, and were also very lucky to partner in 2018 with 4 of the 6 other nonprofit organizations mentioned in the article. More information can be found at:

Home Power Giving Article PDF

Home Power Giving article