Sustainability through Education 

Trained technicians and end-users enhance the long-term sustainability of solar energy systems.  These trainings are customized to address the particular needs and goals of the organizations that partner with Remote Energy. As a central element of our mission, we are committed to insure the inclusion of women in all decisions about energy, and strives to include women in all trainings through co-ed courses or by offering women’s-only courses with female teachers. 

Trainings and services include:

  • Designing solar electric systems
  • Installation practices for solar electric systems
  • Training for specific equipment used at a site including operation, maintenance,  troubleshooting and repair.
  • Development of system specific maintenance procedures, logbooks or other materials appropriate to the culture, language, or education levels of the technicians installing the system or the people that are using the system as part of their operations.  This may maintenance personnel, adminstrators, and other staff at a facility where the solar system is located.