Our goal is to provide solar electric technical and training expertise to the organizations, businesses, and agencies that implement international development projects. 

We specialize in solar electric design, installation, and implementation of capacity building programs. We also provide curriculum and training for every level of experience and need. With our expertise and experience, Remote Energy can help organizations incorporate solar energy as a tool to empower local people and make projects successful and sustainable. Our services include:

Women's Solar Electric Education

In a technical field where women are typically underrepresented, Remote Energy is committed to empowerment through courses designed for women decision-makers, end-users, technicians, and/or educators. As a central element of our mission, we offer both coed and women’s-only courses with professional female instructors.  By providing technical skills and training, it is our goal to give women a voice in all decisions about energy within their communities.The subject matter for training classes can be customized to fit the organization partnering with Remote Energy

Technician and End-User Training

Trained technicians and end-users enhance the long-term sustainability of solar energy systems.  These trainings are customized to address the particular needs and goals of the organizations that partner with Remote Energy.

Trainings and services include:

  • Designing solar electric systems
  • Installation practices for solar electric systems
  • Training for specific equipment used at a site including operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair
  • Development of system specific maintenance procedures, logbooks, or other materials appropriate to the culture, language, or education levels of the technicians installing the system or the people that are using the system as part of their operations. This may include maintenance personnel, administrators, and other staff at a facility where the solar system is located.

Training Center Development

Remote Energy works with educational institutions to develop solar electric training programs at their facilities.  Training centers and programs are customized to fit a target demographic and are appropriate for the current market conditions and demands of the region.

Services include:

  • Adapt existing electrical training programs to incorporate hands-on PV design and installation training as part of, or in addition to, existing curriculum.
  • Evaluate and expand existing PV curriculum to be relevant and appropriate to the regional market.
  • Develop hands-on training programs for educators and “Train the Trainer” programs so that instructors increase their capacity to implement solar curriculum and training programs.
  • Develop hands-on training labs and facilities with technical institutions to provide ‘real world’ practical experience for solar technicians.
  • Remote Energy works with the technical institution to plan for long term sustainability of the capacity building program so that the program can adjust to new industry trends and advances.

Planning and Implementation

Remote Energy understands that organizations must have energy systems that fit their unique needs. We work with organizations and programs to train decision-makers, administrators, and end-users to operate and maintain their solar electric systems through the design process. All design and trainings are customized to fit the organization partnering with Remote Energy.

Services include:

  • Working with organizational leadership to understand what equipment and model of system will best meet their needs for the present and future.
  • Presenting to decision-makers and stakeholders.
  • Training administration, staff, and end-users about the expectations and limitations of a solar system.
  • Developing protocols for maintenance and operation procedures for the solar system at a particular site.
  • Reviewing facility purchasing decisions to incorporate energy use costs into purchasing decisions. 
  • Working with facility personnel to evaluate energy use or needs, and how best to incorporate them into a solar system.  This also includes how to plan for the expansion of an existing solar system as a facility grows.