Remote Energy provides customized, technical solar training programs and support to organizations that use solar energy as part of their strategy to tackle issues relating to jobs, health, education, gender equality, and poverty.

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The demand for energy is increasing worldwide

Photovoltaic (PV) systems have emerged as a cost effective, sustainable solution to remote area power systems and rural electrification.  Worldwide, a need exists for comprehensive, technical capacity building programs to develop a workforce and knowledge base for PV system designers, installers and end-users . Remote Energy is committed to aiding communities in need of electricity by training trainers who can best serve their community’s solar need. 

Remote Energy is committed to insure the inclusion of women in all decisions about energy.

It can be intimidating to take training classes in a technical field that has typically low numbers of female participants. Remote Energy strives to include women in all trainings, either through co-ed courses or by offering women’s-only courses. Remote Energy provides professional female trainers for women’s courses, which may include  women decision makers, end-users, technicians, and/or educators.