Project Sustainability Begins with Design 

Remote Energy understands that organizations must have energy systems that fit their unique needs. We work with organizations and programs to train decision makers, administrators, and end-users to operate and maintain their solar electric system through the design process. All design and trainings are customized to fit the organization partnering with Remote Energy. As a central element of our mission, we are committed to insure the inclusion of women in all decisions about energy, and strives to include women in all trainings through co-ed courses or by offering women’s-only courses with female teachers. 

Services include:

  • Working with organizational leadership to understand what equipment and model of system will best meet their needs for the present and future.
  • Presentations to decision makers and stakeholders.
  • Training to administration, staff, and end-users about the expectations and limitations of a solar system.
  • Develop protocols for maintenance and operation procedures for the solar system at a particular site.
  • Review facility purchasing decisions to incorporate energy use costs into purchasing decisions. 
  • Work with facility personnel to evaluate energy use or needs and how best to incorporate them into a solar system.  This also includes how to plan for the expansion of an existing solar system as a facility grows.