Developing training programs 

Remote Energy works with educational institutions to develop solar electric training programs at their facilities.  Training centers and programs are customized to fit a target demographic and are appropriate for the current market conditions and demands of the region.

Services include:

  • Adapt existing electrical training programs to incorporate hands-on PV design and installation training as part of or in addition to existing curriculum.
  •  Evaluate and expand existing PV curriculum to be relevant and appropriate  to the regional market.
  • Develop hands-on training programs for educators and “Train the Trainers” programs so that instructors increase their capacity to implement solar curriculum and training programs.
  • Develop hands-on training labs and facilities with technical institutions to provide ‘real world’ practical experience for solar technicians.
  • Remote Energy works with the technical institution to plan for long term sustainability of the capacity building program so that the program can adjust to new industry trends and advances.